Everything that you neeed to know about AIRDROPS

A lot of people don’t know what airdrop means. It is a highly used and trending term in the world of cryptocurrency. Majority of people wonder what it means and also create a perception of what it might be. The term “airdrop” might confuse you a bit but it is a great and amazingly helpful thing. In disastrous times and situations, like wars or any other natural disaster, where people might be suffering or are unable to get access to shelter and food etc. the airdrop is utilized to supply the daily life essentials to the effected zones. Airdrops are carried out in all zones where a hurricane, tsunami, battlefield, earthquake or any other incident or larger than life disaster might have caused blockage of access to daily routine essentialities. However, if we take a look at the meaning of airdrop, through the world of cryptocurrency, it has a slightly different meaning. Cryptocurrency vocabulary is totally different than the normal one and it keeps evolving with the passage of time. Therefore, the meaning of airdrops, through the eye of cryptocurrency will be discussed in this piece of article. You will also gather information like why an air drop is carried out and how you can indulge in them too.

What is Airdrop in the world of Cryptocurrency?

Through the eye of cryptocurrency, an airdrop is a block chain project which is responsible for the distribution of free coins or tokens to the crypto community. It is a proper procedure in which a cryptocurrency organization allots cryptocurrency tokens, without any charges, to the wallets of the people who use it. These are basically used to enhance the cryptocurrency projects. Most of the times, social media is required in airdrops or you probably need to get in touch with a proper team through some forum. The social media form has gained a lot of popularity since last year (2017).

Types of Airdrops:

There are 2 major or common types of airdrops:

  1. 1. The first type of airdrop is the one that is a surprise for the users.
  2. 2. The second type of airdrop is an announced one and the users know about it beforehand.
Airdrops illustration.

The well-established block chain enterprises usually go for the first type of airdrop process rather than the second one. To get the tokens, you need to indulge yourself in the crypto community. Many people comment excitedly on the forums that they have received the tokens whereas a lot of people don’t even have an idea about the coins. It usually depends on how active you are on the forum or social media.

The block chain enterprises that have started up or are planning a great startup, prefer the latter type of airdrop. They believe in making a buzz go on, by announcing that there will be an airdrop. As the starter ups need a boost to their project, there are some tasks that are required to be completed by the users so that they can get the free coins. The ones who qualify all the tasks are promised to get an airdrop or coins transferred to their wallet at the date that has been announced. When the announced date arrives, the free coins are released to the people who qualify. But you might be thinking at this point that why do the enterprises in the cryptocurrency world, carry out airdrops? What is the aim of it all? Well, not to worry as we will be disclosing the reasons why airdrop is carried out, right here.

Why is an Airdrop Carried out?

You might have an idea by now those we an airdrop is carried out. From creating a buzz for an enterprise’s upcoming project to rewarding the old and loyal customers, so that they keep the bond strong; there are a lot of reasons why an airdrop is carried out. Here we have summed up the most common reasons of an airdrop being carried out by block chain enterprises.

  1. 1. To Bring Awareness of a New Cryptocurrency:

    Cryptocurrency is small in size and it is no big deal that a new cryptocurrency goes totally unnoticed if it is not promoted in the right way. Marketing is all about creating hype for a new product or services. Likewise, the main aim of an airdrop is to bring hype and buzz in the cryptocurrency world so that the users are given awareness of a new launch. Airdrop is considered as one of the most interesting ways to indulge the cryptocurrency freaks in any new launch.

    Through proper marketing, an amazing boost up is seen in the attention that the world of cryptocurrency gets. Social media is one of the most happening ways to increase attention and it is being used amazingly well by the cryptocurrency block chain enterprises. For example, Bitcoin Cash was a new cryptocurrency and it got an amazing hype just because of an airdrop. The developers of Bitcoin Cash created an airdrop and rewarded all of their users with free coins (whoever qualified).

  2. 2. A Reward for Devoted Customers:

    Giving something to your devoted customers and subscribers is a great gesture. Applying airdrops procedure is an amazing method to reward the loyal customers with free coins. This becomes a type of incentive that the customers know that they will get once or maybe twice every year or even twice per 6 months, so they stay more indulged in that enterprise. There are amazing examples of airdrops that made a huge success and allowed the enterprise to grow positively through it. For instance, in 2017, Binance carried out an airdrop for the users on the platform. The airdrop was of 500 TRX Cryptocurrency and it lasted from October 21017 to the mid of November 2017. The task given was quite simple and Binance profited a lot through this airdrop.

  3. 3. Generation of Lead Data Base:

    If there was another word to describe marketing, it definitely would be leads. Great marketing focuses on leads and good enterprises pay huge attention to it. Generation of great leads is very essential as it enhances the marketing campaign of an organization. A wonderful reason to use airdrop is to generate lead data base. It is extremely helpful in doing so. The organization can ask their users to fill out their forms and get free cryptocurrency coins or tokens in exchange of that. However, in order to generate lead data base, the forms need to ask for valuable information of the user as it helps in setting up great marketing strategies. This method of utilizing airdrops is widely used by none-block chain enterprises.

So now you have an idea about how an airdrop can be beneficial for the cryptocurrency black chain enterprises. It helps the sheer market of cryptocurrency keep running and allows the organizations to create a buzz that attracts the users towards it. It is one of the smartest marketing strategies to make use of.

How to Indulge in an Airdrop?

A lot of you might be thinking of involving yourself in an airdrop by now, right? Who doesn’t love free coins and tokens? If you are a cryptocurrency freak, then you definitely want to indulge into this. The basic and most important thing is to get access to the right information and also gain access to the ownership of cryptocurrency wallet. Cryptocurrency wallet is very important if you want to receive free coins because they are transferred in the wallet directly. The best way to get all the information, at the right time, about anything that happens in the cryptocurrency world is to sign up for all such online services that bring the right piece of information to you. You should join platforms like cryptocurrency websites, Twitter accounts that are related to it, Telegram groups and the cryptocurrency airdrop forums as well. Icodrops and Airdropaddict are two of the most famous online services that bring you all the information about airdrops and give you chance of indulging in them as well. These sites provide all the vital information that tells the users about any upcoming cryptocurrency airdrop. They also tell the qualifying criteria and what a user needs to do, in order to avail the free tokens. Owning a cryptocurrency wallet is one of the key elements that make one accessible to the airdrop market and attaining the free tokens too.

How to get the Airdrop Wallet?

The airdrop or cryptocurrency wallet is better known as the Ethereum Wallet. You can start right away through the Meta Mask or My Ether Wallet. However, the Ledger Nano S Wallet is a great one and goes along with you for a really long time. The Ethereum wallet is required to be active. This means that you need to utilize it a little bit to show that it is under human use. Airdrops have check in places too where they check whether a person is using the wallet or not. The enterprises also check whether a single person is signing up for different wallets, by giving different addresses, just to get more and more coins. This is unfair and a proper check by the black chain enterprises is kept on the individuals. This simply means that if your wallet is not being active or used the tiniest bit too, you won’t be receiving any airdrop.

How to Withdraw the Free Tokens?

So how do you actually withdraw the obtained free tokens or coins? The process is a bit long. It takes 1 or 2 months to get the free tokens. You don’t get the tokens until and unless the airdrop ends. The major reason why it takes time is that a lot of airdrops happen during the token sales or before them. This aids them in spreading awareness in a better manner. And until the token sale does not end, the free tokens are not distributable anyways.

Tips to stay away from Scam:

Now who doesn’t like free tokens or coins? The frenzy is cool and the buzz and hype is for real. But in the internet world today, we face a lot of scam. You never know when you might be the next one who gets caught up in a scam and you receive nothing at all. Therefore, it is very important to stay away from scam. Here are some tips that will help you in getting away from it:

  • Remember that you don’t need to send your private key to anyone in order to avail an airdrop wallet or to even check it. You can do so very easily through different tools. If some service asks for your private key, know that it is scam.
  • Airdrops are totally free so if any offer asks for any registration fee etc, then know that it is scam for sure. Any airdrop will not ask you to send money to avail the promised free tokens; keep that in mind.
  • Checking official websites is very important. If an enterprise is offering an airdrop, they would have made an announcement on the official site too. So check that and confirm whether the enterprise is holding an airdrop or it is scam.

These simple and easy to keep in mind tips can literally help you in staying away from scam and attain the right airdrops too.


Cryptocurrency was not popular till some time back but now, since a year or two, it is gaining fame. As it is gaining popularity, the world of cryptocurrency is also getting surrounded by scams. However, it is totally normal to have scams around in the internet world. You just need to stay safe and follow some easy tips (mentioned above) to avoid falling prey to them.

Educate yourself as much as possible about an airdrop if you want to involve yourself into it. You also need to stay active on the platforms and accounts or forums that you join of different cryptocurrency black chain enterprises to stay updated. The key to attaining free cryptocurrency tokens or coins is simple; stay updated and stay away from scam!